So what’s in the works?

  • November 2018: Kaua’i
  • January 2019: Israel, Jordan, Egypt
  • February/March: home to sell the house and do the taxes
  • April: England
  • May: India. Kerala and Chennai
  • End of May, start of June: Germany
  • June: Japan
  • July: Roadtrip part 1– across Canada
    * actually ended up Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, THEN Ontario, Canada, followed by New York, Connecticut, New York
  • August, first 3 weeks: Iceland and Finland *and St Petersburg, Russia*
  • August: Roadtrip part 2– East coast to New Orleans
  • September: Roadtrip part 3– New Orleans to BC, through Colorado
  • October: Parksville, BC
  • November: Peru
  • December: Big Island, Hawaii
  • December- January 2020: Vermont (skiing), Connecticut, NYC
  • February: Wyoming (skiing)
  • March: Kimberley, BC (skiing)
  • March: Seattle, Washington CANCELLED
  • March: Vancouver Island, Parksville and Long Beach
  • April: Costa Rica. CANCELLED
  • May-June: Britain and Europe CANCELLED
  • July: Montreal CANCELLED
  • July- August: Arctic and Greenland. CANCELLED
  • August: Ottawa. CANCELLED
  • September: Taiwan POSTPONED
  • September: Barbados

And after that?