Just the (travel) facts, ma’am

When I started this blog, I thought that people mostly wanted to read about the travel. So I listed here the (mostly) travelogue posts for those who didn’t want to accidentally read what they considered TMI, the touchy-feelie stuff.  Of course, I do tend to filter everything through my viewpoint, which was sometimes painfully personal.

Over the years, I’ve become more comfortable about sharing, and as my readers expanded beyond family and friends I discovered that many people actually appreciate and connect to my sometimes raw honesty. But I’ll keep the list up as a memorial to when I felt my feelings didn’t matter.

Whistler-Blackcomb— Skiing West Coast Style

In the Ice: Kayaking in the Arctic

Reconciliation in the Arctic

Travel in the Time of Covid— Arctic Reprise

Abandoned Places

The Silence of the North

The Pitons of Saint Lucia: Long Hard Climb

Flying Back to “Normal”

Athens in the Winter

First Ski in Europe: Les 3 Vallées

Barbados Paddle Board Adventures

In the Steps of Darwin— Walking Slowly in the Galapagos

Two Trips to Tofino: Pandemic Progress

Talking the Talk: Bajanisms

Talking the Talk: Barbados Vocabulary

In the Path of the Volcano Ashfall from La Soufrière eruption

A Wild Ride: travelling by ZR in Barbados

On the Beach in Barbados

A Few Updates to my Brave Travels Updates on a few posts

Learning to Surf

The Colours of Barbados

What’s Cooking? Barbados Style

What I Love about Barbados

Driving in Barbados

The Sounds of Barbados

Caribbean Covid Plan

An Ordinary Day in Paradise

It’s Not a Holiday

Welcome to Barbados— 2020 edition

Flying in the Time of Covid-19 (Reprise)

I Don’t Want to be Difficult (Anymore)… Drinking Coffee Around the World

Big Sky Country: Skiing in Montana

Where the Wild Things Are

A Year of Travel: What I Learned about the World

A Year of Travel FAQ

Loving it to Death: the Tourist’s Dilemma

Doing it the Hard Way: Machu Picchu from the Inca Trail

Travel with a Purpose

Water, Water, Everywhere…

Two months on the road: Advice for a road trip.

Perfect Imperfect Travel Day (a day on the road in the western States)

Crawfish and Beignet: Eating my way through New Orleans

We’re with Her: Destination Friend trips

Sick and Tired: Staying Healthy on the Road

Kesämökillä: Finnish Cottage Culture

St. Petersburg, Russia, in Pictures

Traveling Solo or with Somebody?

Road Trip!

You Can’t See It All (Montana, N. Dakota)

Traveling Light (Literally) (Packing tips)

Never again (Hiroshima)

Living to Work in Japan

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

SWF, Travelling Solo

A Thirst for Learning: Education in Kerala

Just Another Tourist Attraction: Blonde in India

Stayin’ Alive: Driving in India

Lost in London

The Row Houses of Merton

A Very English Wedding

“But is it Safe?” Traveling in the Middle East

Stepping Lightly: Searching for Sustainable Travel

Faith in the Holy Land

Sorrow and Love: defining Home in the Middle East