All the Feels…

If your favourite posts are the ones that are intensely personal, here’s the shortcuts to them, latest at the top. It’s been quite the journey!

Do You Still Ski?

Beautiful Barbados Broad

Surrounded by My History

Coming Back to Barbados?

Work in Progress

Getting Acclimatized

100% Finnish. 100% Canadian. Or Bajan?

Total Eclipse

Home After a Year— or After a Month?

How Barbados has Changed Me

Letting Go, Yet Again

Ringing in a New Year

Christmas (not) at Home

Pictures of My Ex

Travelling Inside

Open This Box First

Holding My Sadness, Softly


Zooming away

What I Regret and What I Don’t

Not Going Anywhere

Getting Over It— But not Forgeting

The Real Journey is on the Inside

A Year of Travel: How It Changed Me

Condo on a Golf Course (Reprise)

Home— and It’s Complicated

Letting Go, Part 2

Letting go

Opening my Heart Again


Don’t you Get Homesick?

Breaking the Habit of Being Comfortable

Why Aren’t You Over It Yet? A Year Later

Travelling Solo or with Somebody?

Yes, But how ARE you?

You Can’t See It All

Home Again with Different Eyes

It’s not brave if you’re not scared, Part 2

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

SWF, Travelling Solo


Lost in London

The People who Sustain Me- Part 2

Saying Goodbye

What Stays and What Goes?

Learning to Wait

It’s Not Brave if You’re Not Scared


Traveling Light

Goodbye, Home Sweet Home

The people who sustain me

Two steps forward, three steps back

It’s not where you are, it’s where you’re at.

Walking By Myself (with a really heavy suitcase)

It all depends on how you define “brave.”