A Few Updates to my Brave Travels

Some of you have been on this journey with me for a while; here’s updates on a few posts!

Learning to Surf: (February)

Yes, that’s me on my board, this week!

Letting Go, Yet Again: (January) My apartment in Canada is rented for the first time, a 6 week stay. Yay!

Slacking Off, Tightening Up: It’s Not Safe Yet (December 11, 2020). Within 2 weeks, cases started skyrocketing, and we now have 12 times as many cases, and more than triple the deaths. This second wave may be slowing, after 6 weeks of lockdown. But it wasn’t prescience on my part. I think, like in most parts of the world, it was easy to see it coming.

It’s Not a Holiday (October 2020). A month into my stay in Barbados, I mused about how well Scott and I were getting along, and how I thought I might stay here a while. Six months in, it’s the same in both cases, but even more so.

Pictures of My Ex (September 2020). I didn’t send the letter.

Travelling Inside (September 2020). Things continue to come up. I continue to grow. And damn, the insomnia still comes back from time to time.

Open This Box First (July 2020). My sister Cindy FOUND THE BOX!!!

Getting Over It— But not Forgetting (February 2020). Nope. Still haven’t forgiven him. But we are, finally, getting divorced.

Where the Wild Things Are (February 2020). Takaya was killed by a hunter, two months after he was relocated from my sister’s back yard.

It’s Not Brave if You’re Not Scared (March 2019) and It’s not brave if you’re not scared, Part 2 (June 2019). The same things still scare me.

And I’m still trying to be brave.

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