Whistler-Blackcomb— Skiing West Coast Style

Sunny bluebird day with fresh, fluffy snow. Rain and “mashed potatoes.” Fog and icy hard-pack. Clouds and gently falling new snow. All this and more on my January trip to Whistler! Whistler- Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America, and so was on the bucket list for my husband Scott and our friends … Continue reading Whistler-Blackcomb— Skiing West Coast Style

100% Finnish. 100% Canadian. Or Bajan?

The DNA results came back. I’m 100% Finnish. It was a surprise— I expected some Swedish, maybe a little Russian. Family myth had that there was some Roma in the bloodlines. Yup. No measurable amount of anything but Finnish. I’m 100% Canadian. I was born there, educated there, from kindergarten to all three of my … Continue reading 100% Finnish. 100% Canadian. Or Bajan?