On the Edge of the Volcano: La Soufrière in St. Vincent

“Did you spit in it?” Christine asked, the first time she saw me after our trip to St Vincent. It had been my standing joke before we went. Anyone who had been here two years before understood. When La Soufrière erupted and the jet stream brought clouds of ash eastward to Barbados, we were trapped … Continue reading On the Edge of the Volcano: La Soufrière in St. Vincent

Grenada: Another Caribbean Paradise

How do you evoke a Caribbean paradise, without sounding like a thousand other descriptions of a hundred different islands? Your table is waiting. ✔️ Warm tropical breezes?✔️ Sandy beaches lapped by turquoise water? ✔️ Hot tropical sun, then a sudden shower of rain, soon over?✔️ Palm trees and lush flowering shrubs?✔️ Quaint fishing villages?✔️ Beach … Continue reading Grenada: Another Caribbean Paradise

Whistler-Blackcomb— Skiing West Coast Style

Sunny bluebird day with fresh, fluffy snow. Rain and “mashed potatoes.” Fog and icy hard-pack. Clouds and gently falling new snow. All this and more on my January trip to Whistler! Whistler- Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America, and so was on the bucket list for my husband Scott and our friends … Continue reading Whistler-Blackcomb— Skiing West Coast Style

In the Ice: Kayaking in the Arctic

“Listen.” I hear the ice: the rustling crackle of the small floating pieces against our hulls; the swoosh-bang of water sloshing over a shelf on an iceberg; faint, distant crashes, muted to the point where direction was uncertain, only that it came from the frozen reaches of Icefjord. Paddling through the ice at Ilullisset Here … Continue reading In the Ice: Kayaking in the Arctic

Travel in the Time of Covid— Arctic Reprise

“We knew he had Covid. But nobody said anything because we would have all been quarantined and we would have missed the rest of the trip.” I try not to react as the middle-aged American woman spoke with her friends about her bus tour in Ireland. I was eavesdropping, after all— accidentally at first, but … Continue reading Travel in the Time of Covid— Arctic Reprise