The Colours of Barbados

Living in Barbados, I now understand the meaning of “a feast for the eyes.” Every day is a visual delight.

I walk by this on the way to Oistins. It never gets old

Years ago in BC, a visitor admiring our view of forests, mountain and ocean down Howe Sound told us we wouldn’t even notice it after a few months. They were wrong. I appreciated it every day of my three years in Squamish.

After 5 months in Barbados, I am still enamoured. I am not as likely to pull out my phone for a picture, but I will still stop, flabbergasted, and stare.

Lifeguard tower at Miami Beach

I see locals doing the same. Bajans of all ages will stop their car while driving home, put down their fishing net or line, walk from their house, sit on a rock or bring a chair down to the overlook, and watch the sunset.

Always changing, always beautiful

It’s not just the natural beauty of sky and water, beach and trees, rocks and flowers. Houses are painted colours that would seem garish under a northern winter sky, but here the tropical light makes it seem so right.

Surf centre at Silver Rock Beach
House on the way home from the bus stop
Found a building that matched Scott’s shirt!

I’m not one to wear black or neutral tones; travel companions have a running joke about my green wardrobe. But here, my greens have got brighter and orange is no longer just an accent colour. Perhaps in the riot of colour that is the Island, colourful IS the neutral, and colourless would be jarring.

Our clothes drying on the curtain rod.

Of course, pictures cannot do it justice. The light changes and the wind blows. Tied up in the colours are sounds of rustling leaves, the feel of the wind, the smell of salt and heat and flowers.

A more subtle palate, but still spectacular. Rescue Bay.

They may become more familiar but I will always appreciate the colours of Barbados.

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