Welcome to Brave Travels!

“Wow,” messaged Ruochen, a former student who had just seen my blog. “There’s a lot of content!”

It’s true. When I wrote this post, on December 2, 2021, the third anniversary of my first post, it was my 120th.

I started my blog as writing practice, and it was supposed to be a travelogue for friends and family, but it’s never been just that. The first posts were deeply personal explorations of the heartbreak that set me off on my travels. Yes, there are travels (14 countries and 28 US states), but there are also essays on lockdown, water, faith, friendship and home. It chronicles my personal journey as well as, or rather as part of, my travels.

The vast majority of my readers are people I have never met. I can tell, from when they started following the blog, that they are here for different stories: many for the Barbados life vignettes, many for the life learning posts, some because I visited their country or city and they found my blog then, others because they also write about travel.

So if you’re new here, and maybe taken aback by all that content, I’ve organized past posts by category on separate pages.

Just the (travel) facts, ma’am
Beautiful Barbados
All the Feels…

Of course, not everything fits one of the categories. Life’s messy like that. Where do I put Learning to Surf? Yes, it is about surfing in Barbados, but it is also a personal exploration of learning something new, perseverance and taking chances. Some posts don’t appear in any of the lists.

But welcome. I hope you enjoy my brave travels.

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